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If you would like your details to appear on this web site please take a moment to register your contact details on the UK's only national database for accredited police station representatives. Registration is completely free. Simply choose a username and password and a few professional details.

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You cannot join if you are a probationary rep. You should not join unless you are an independent police station rep and capable of accepting instructions independently. Note: Normally employees of criminal law firms can accept instructions outside of ordinary contracted working hours.
Your personal details are kept private. We take your security very seriously. Your personal information and your email address will not be given to any third parties for advertising or any reason unrelated to your role as an independent police station rep.The only information published on this web site is your name, area of work, and phone number along with any additional information you choose to include. We have only very rarely emailed our members.
If this form is not working please click here to contact us. We will happily do the registration for you if you are struggling.
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