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Line 51: Line 51:
 [[Common Assault]]\\ [[Common Assault]]\\
 [[Assaults on constables]]\\ [[Assaults on constables]]\\
 \\ \\
 [[Threats to kill]]\\ [[Threats to kill]]\\
 [[Malicious Communications]]\\ [[Malicious Communications]]\\
Line 60: Line 58:
 [[Weapons]]\\ [[Weapons]]\\
 [[Explosives]]\\ [[Explosives]]\\
 \\ \\
 [[POCA]]\\ [[POCA]]\\
 [[Drugs]]\\ [[Drugs]]\\
Line 69: Line 65:
 [[Condensed Public Order]]\\ [[Condensed Public Order]]\\
 [[Companies Act]]\\ [[Companies Act]]\\
 [[Theft]]\\ [[Theft]]\\
 [[Being found on enclosed premises]]\\ [[Being found on enclosed premises]]\\
Line 80: Line 76:
 [[Criminal Damage]]\\ [[Criminal Damage]]\\
 [[Witness Intimidation]]\\ [[Witness Intimidation]]\\
 \\ \\
 [[Motoring]]\\ [[Motoring]]\\
 [[Causing death by dangerous driving]]\\ [[Causing death by dangerous driving]]\\
 [[Causing death by careless, or inconsiderate,​ driving]]\\ [[Causing death by careless, or inconsiderate,​ driving]]\\
 [[Driving, or being in charge, when under influence of drink or drugs- Section 4]]\\ [[Driving, or being in charge, when under influence of drink or drugs- Section 4]]\\
 \\ \\
 [[Public Morals]] [[Public Morals]]
 [[Treason & Terrorism]]\\ [[Treason & Terrorism]]\\
 [[Schedule 7]]\\ [[Schedule 7]]\\
 [[Sexual Offences]]\\ [[Sexual Offences]]\\
-  * [[Paying for Sex]]\\ +[[Paying for Sex]]\\ 
-  ​* ​[[Revenge Porn]]\\ +[[Revenge Porn]]\\ 
-  ​* ​[[Sexual Communication with a Child]]\\ +[[Sexual Communication with a Child]]\\ 
 [[Modern Slavery and Human Traffiking]]\\ [[Modern Slavery and Human Traffiking]]\\
 [[Breach of SCPO]]\\ [[Breach of SCPO]]\\
 [[Coercive and Controlling Behaviour]]\\ [[Coercive and Controlling Behaviour]]\\
 [[Fail to Provide Name]]\\ [[Fail to Provide Name]]\\
- +\\ 
-[[Military Law]] +[[Military Law]]\\ 
-  ​* ​[[AWOL etc]]\\+[[AWOL etc]]\\
 \\ \\
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