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 [[Police Ranks]]\\ [[Police Ranks]]\\
 [[Opening Statements]]\\ [[Opening Statements]]\\
 +[[Habeus Corpus]]\\
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 [[Unlawful Eviction of Tenant]]\\ [[Unlawful Eviction of Tenant]]\\
 [[Animal Welfare Act 2006- Unnecessary suffering]]\\ [[Animal Welfare Act 2006- Unnecessary suffering]]\\
 +[[Trespass on a Protected Site]]\\
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 ====== PACE ====== ====== PACE ======
 [[PACE Code C contents page]]\\ [[PACE Code C contents page]]\\
 +[[Handy Clauses]]\\
 [[Code A]] Arrest and Search\\ [[Code A]] Arrest and Search\\
 [[Code B]] Search and Property\\ [[Code B]] Search and Property\\
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